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Review Procedure



An expert assessment plays a significant role in the publication of scientific journals by assessing the validity, quality and originality of the submitted articles.

The purpose of the review is to determine the scientific quality of the manuscripts, their relevance to the journal specialization as well as to the field of organizational and economic psychology.

The journal follows the policy of bilateral "blind" (anonymous) review: the Authors do not know the names of the Reviewers and the Reviewers do not know the names of the Authors. The interaction between the Reviewers and the Authors is carried out only through the authorized editorial staff (issue editors).

In individual cases (as provided by the editorial board) the journal can provide one-sided "blind" reviewing in the single-blind mode (the Reviewer knows the name of the Author, while the Author does not know the name of the Reviewer) to improvement the article and harmonize the scientific communication.

The main stages of article review:

  1. All the articles submitted to the editorial board undergo a primary check for the relevance of their topics to the journal specialization, their topicality and social significance, the appropriateness of their structure and their compliance with all the journal requirements for the article design and literary references presentation. In addition, the editors check the articles for plagiarism. The articles that do not meet the specified requirements are rejected at this stage.
  2. If the article meets the requirements of the journal, the editor-in-chief (or his/her deputy) appoints an editor from among the members of the editorial board who runs a certain scientific direction. The editor-in-chief may begin to review the manuscript themselves or send the manuscript for a double "blind" review to two reviewers.
  3. For the analysis of articles as reviewers, well-known Ukrainian and/or foreign experts in the field of organizational and economic psychology, who have extensive experience in scientific, analytical and expert work in the field of organizational and economic psychology, are invited.
  4. After acceptance of the invitation, the reviewer analyzes the article and prepares a written review, which should contain the following statements: relevance of the research, its social, scientific and practical significance, the relevance of research methods and instruments, the scientific correctness and relevance of the findings.
  5. Based on the received reviews, the editorial board makes the following decisions on the article: a) recommended for printing; b) recommended for printing after the author makes changes, given the comments and suggestions of the reviewers; c) reject the article.
  6. The editorial board maintains confidentiality regarding the articles (content, reviewing, critical remarks of the Reviewers and final decision), except for the members of the editorial board, the Author him/herself and the Reviewers.

Besides, each issue of the journal (according to the requirements of one of the journal founders, G. Kostiuk Institute of Psychology of the National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine) is recommended for publication at the meeting of the Academic Council of G. Kostiuk Institute of Psychology of the NAES. For this purpose, the whole manuscript of the journal issue is also subject to additional review by an independent internal reviewer (Doctor of Sciences, an Institute Academic Council member) and an independent external reviewer (Doctor of sciences, an expert in the field of psychology). The information about these reviewers and the decision of the Academic Council about the recommendation for publication are published in the corresponding journal issue.